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  • Counseling and Consulting
  • Learning Consulting
    • Specialized services for children and adults with ADHD, learning  difficulties, developmental delays, and autism. Services include on-site learning consulting for individuals, small groups, schools, and treatment programs both within the U.S. and abroad.
  • Stress Management Training
    • Stress management training offered on an individual basis as well as for groups, including corporate wellness programs.
  • Relaxation Training
    • Relaxation training and wellness guidance programs offered on an individual and group basis.
  • Reiki 
    • Gentle relaxation sessions for stress reduction, personal growth, reduction of physical discomfort, and general wellness.
  • Biofeedback Training
    • Biofeedback training using user-friendly monitoring equipment is offered to assist individuals in learning the relationship between thoughts, feelings, emotions and their physiology.
  • Timed-Movement Training for Sports and Music
    •  Licensed provider of the Interactive Metronome, a computer-based biofeedback program that assists children and adults with core organization skills, relaxed sustained focus, and improved sports and music performance.
  • Community Building through Song
    • Facilitation of user-friendly group singing for all ages is offered. Song gatherings allow the joy of blended voices and community to emerge. The musical gatherings are offered for the general public or can be tailored for specific groups.
  • Voice and Singing Coaching
  • Uplifting Singing Performance
    • Singing performances that blend upbeat and mellow heart-centered songs are regularly offered to the general public and specific groups. Performances invite movement, smiling and laughter, and can be tailored to specific groups including treatment centers, schools, and retirement communities.

Services are available on a sliding-scale basis