Re-define the realm of what is possible

Inner Peace

Tapping our inner state of knowing

Inner peace? Sounds good. We all hope for it and seek it. But just what is it? And how do we achieve it?

Certainly inner peace may mean different things to different people. In general, perhaps one could say it’s a deep state of calm and contentment at a given moment. It’s a feeling-based experience that quietly and boldly says, “All is well.”

How we arrive there is secondary to the moment. There are many possible paths. However, it’s our inner referencing system (our state of knowing) that signals our arrival, not anything external — regardless how inviting, beautiful, or nurturing it may be.


The more frequently we visit these states of calm, the deeper and more established they become. This enables us to establish a new reference point so we know that despite what comes up, all is well. 

Inner peace indicators

In general, where are we on the inner peace continuum? In answering this question it is often helpful to identify various relationship, work or personal stresses and perhaps rate ourselves on a 1-10 scale. The breath is also a wonderful straightforward indicator of how well things are working in our lives. And, fortunately, there are numerous concrete ways to reset our breathing patterns to a healthier physical state that improves relaxation, focus, and promotes greater inner peace.

Redefining from within and allowing  

Even though a relaxed connective breath is fundamental to the process of cultivating inner peace, a willingness to take time to nurture this state of being is challenging in today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking society. It is also likely to be alien to much of our upbringing and beliefs — both conscious and unconscious. Can we give ourselves permission? Shift priorities? Can we trust ourselves, and a realm beyond ourselves that represents infinite love, wisdom and understanding? Can we love, accept and forgive ourselves? Can we release the past?

Supportive invitations

In counseling others, I view anything that helps one move closer and more frequently to moments of inner peace as supportive invitations. My role is to help identify, train, support and blend these activities into one’s daily life and to provide a safe and supportive setting to concretely experience moments of inner peace through a wide variety of services including counseling, Reiki, breath training, biofeedback technologies, guided relaxation, meditation, voice and music.