Re-define the realm of what is possible

About Me



I've worked with children, families, and adults for over thirty years and am certified in both counseling and special education.

My professional background includes individual and family therapy, substance abuse treatment, staff development, wellness programming, school counseling, teaching (including child, adolescent, adult, and special education), and specialized services for learning disabled, ADHD, and autistic individuals.

My specialized services include many technology and non-technology based approaches to address difficulties with attention, impulse control, anxiety, disorganization, auditory processing, language delays, and physical coordination.

Finding & Sharing our True Essence

Over the years, my interest in community building, movement, singing, music, and my love of diversity, have led me to explore interests from numerous perspectives.  

I believe that at our core, whether we’re 5 years old or 85, we all seek purpose, meaning and a sense of inner connection that allows us to lovingly share our true essence.  Our different backgrounds, strengths, talents, influences and experiences allow us to evolve in our own unique manner.

When I work with children, I pay particular attention to developmental and processing issues that can be strengthened, not only to support academic success, but also specific hopes and dreams that the children may have.

My Orientation

Regardless of age, we all deal with stress, personal change, and seek greater inner peace in a very fast-paced world.  To deal with these realities, I blend supportive options that reflect training in counseling, relaxation practices, yoga, Qigong, biofeedback, Reiki, meditation, Feldenkrais, bodywork, voice, singing, and music.

My orientation is to blend and balance diverse training and technical skills/expertise with intuition from being deeply present and heart-centered. I know that there are infinite supportive realms that can facilitate learning and healing. Thus, sometimes a targeted intervention is most helpful. Other times, a blend of various modalities is most supportive. And still at other times, a nurturing space and a supportive invitation can lay the foundation for what is needed.