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Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome is both an assessment tool and a unique neuro-motor training program that provides auditory and visual feedback to improve motor timing, sequencing, and focus. It has broad application and is currently utilized by:

  •  Occupational Therapists                                           
  •  Speech Language Pathologists
  •  Physical Therapists
  •  Educators
  •  Medical and Mental Health Professionals
  •  Athletic Trainers
  •  Licensed Rehabilitation Professionals
  •  Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  •  Chiropractic Care Professionals
  •  Developmental/Behavioral Optometrists
  •  Music Therapists

As a counselor, teacher, and learning consultant, I appreciate the concrete and user-friendly nature of the Interactive Metronome. Its immediate feedback allows individuals to clearly hear, see, and feel improvements in motor timing and experience greater ease and fluidity in body movements.

For over a decade I have witnessed significant gains in clients, regardless of age or concern (ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and those who are proficient in sports and music who seek further improvement).

Although not a silver bullet for all issues, the Interactive Metronome helps build a more organized and functional brain state supportive of numerous learning tasks and enables individuals to pursue personal dreams and interests in a more calm, focused manner. I love hearing of improvements in attention, sports, self-esteem, handwriting, patience, and even in reduced amounts of time needed to balance the books at the end of the month.